'I Am a Mountain' Limited Edition Vinyl out NOW

Tom Pearo / I Am a Mountain

The sophomore album I Am a Mountain takes on a powerfully psychedelic tone and showcases Pearo's considerable abilities as not only a guitarist, but as composer, producer and general studio wizard. Employing a larger string section as well as Hammond organ, this album is powerful and immersive. With the title track clocking in at just over 35 minutes, I Am a Mountain creates an entire world to get lost in. Inspiration, and above all else, LOVE.


"...Pearo crafts a winding landscape with crags and valleys and a whole world to get lost in.” - County Tracks

Limited edition 180 gram vinyl record available for a short time. Only 500 ever made for the first pressing of Headspace. A must have for any vinyl collector. ON SALE NOW!!!

180g Limited Edition


Tom Pearo / Headspace

The debut record from ambient jazz guitarist Tom Pearo was released on November 2nd, 2017 and has become a favorite for many listeners around the globe. The incredibly soft, delicate sounds and dreamy landscapes are perfect examples of the dynamic sound Pearo is known for.
Headspace features Dave DeCristo on drums and bass alongside Shay Gestal on violin and Tom Pearo on guitar and loops. Available as a limited edition 180 gram vinyl as well as compact disc and digital downloads, prepare yourself for what is sure to be an instant classic in your collection.
"For ambient music fans, this is mandatory listening.” - Seven Days
“...nothing to take lightly.” - Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly